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Limited time!

God/Goddess Akashic Reading

Do you know your power? Do you feel safe expressing your authentic nature? Do you feel resistance when others notice you or find you magnetic? Do you wrestle with a part of you that desires to be seen and another part that says it's "wrong" to feel that way? We have all been the victim, and the savior, along with many other roles in the evolution of our consciousness. Here's the thing, often the biggest hearts want to change the world, BUT, they often struggle with the concept of being noticed.

Growing up in a religiously abusive home, I was groomed to be humble and self-sacrificing and to feel shame if the opposite sex found me alluring. Not to mention, holding your head up high with confidence was prideful. My deconditioning forced me to transmute that.

Even getting a compliment made me feel dirty. The thing is, as I say, we are not the sum of one life but of many. We ALL get to play the role of whatever our consciousness wishes to explore. Maybe, in this life, you want to connect with your desires and make an impact on the world. To do that...

you have to be comfortable with being seen!

This reading is designed to empower you by connecting to a past life where you embodied or worked with some of the god/goddess archetypes. It will explore this energy and how it is influencing you in this life. This reading is not only an Akashic Records reading, but I will also read your Astrology natal chart as it relates to this storyline and any asteroid connections influencing your chart. You will need to provide your date of birth, time of birth, and the location at birth. This reading will be offered through 6/1/24.

Reading includes:
  • Reading length 45 minutes via Zoom.

  • What color rays are presently influencing your current life.

  • One of your current relevant guides.

  • One of your past lives of either embodying the god/goddess archetype, OR working with a significant god/goddess energy.

  • A look at your natal chart and how this god/goddess archetype influences you in this life.

  • An audio recording of the reading.

    Reading cost $75 USD

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