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I'm curious

Where do you hold shame?

What if I told you that your astrological  light signature holds the keys to unlocking a deeper understanding of your desires? What if, in understanding this, we could raise the frequency of our understanding and accept those human aspects of ourselves that we have tried to repress or that society has taught us to feel shame around?

To be clear, YES, I am talking about sex and pleasure.


Sex, Desire, Pleasure, and Intimacy!

What do you feel in your body when you read these words? Perhaps you feel triggered or longing. Maybe you feel shame as you think about that one unusual sexual kink you have that you are too afraid to express. Or, maybe you feel frustration and disconnection because you don't feel you have access to that perfect partner you like to envision. Where do you feel it in your body? Your lower chakras? Your gut, or maybe your chest?

I believe that as Mother Gaia raises her frequency and more individuals begin to look deeper within,  the expression of love, sex, intimacy, and relationships will drastically shift from how we presently know them. Imagine being so embodied and free within your own personal expression that you no longer weigh and measure so much externally. Suddenly, you can now appreciate the unique differences of those around you. You are melting away jealousy, comparison, anger, and shame. All of a sudden, your heart expands, and you see your friends, lovers, and neighbors simply as consciousness, experiencing this human journey just like you. A nondualistic perspective that flows easily as a result of your own self-acceptance. How much love that would bring to the world?!



Your natal astrology chart isn't just for the exploration of your purpose in life! Did you know that your chart can reveal very detailed information regarding romance, partnership, sex, sensuality, and even your kinks!

Reading Includes:

Sexual Astrology

To enjoy this reading, you must provide your date of birth, birth location, and birth time. The reading will be delivered to you via an audio file sent to your email. That way, you can digest the information in the privacy of your own home. This is not a Zoom session. Topics covered will include the following.

  • A chart study of relevant astrological asteroids that significantly impact your natal chart related to the reading. This may include, but not limited to: Eros, Hathor, Sappho, Pallas, Vesta, Circe, and more.

  • A chart study of what it is that you are drawn to when it comes to romance and new love interests.

  • What you may be looking for according to your chart when it comes to intimate partnership, such as what sort of person that may feel like home to you.

  • A description of what you are looking for in a lover and how you desire to express yourself sexually.

  • I will also cover possible sexual kinks, which may include slang sexual terms, choice language, and taboo topics.

  • Readings are intuitively delivered, therefore I may also include details of any significant challenges related to these topics, as well as intuitive guidance.  

  • You will receive an audio recording of the reading. This is not an in person session. The length of the audio will slightly vary between a 20-30 minutes long.

  • You will receive a copy of your natal astrology chart.

DISCLAIMER: While my readings are shared with the highest integrity, please be advised that if you do not feel comfortable with sexual terms, this might not be the reading for you. Your audio may be a little spicy, including choice language and slang sexual terms. 



After your reading, you may feel very...SEEN and probably more self-aware. It's not uncommon afterward to feel like, "What now?" While I love to help others see and accept themselves with more clarity, the magic is in the integration. If you are looking for steps forward, consider booking a one-on-one Zoom call with me to review your reading and receive intuitive guidance on how you can move forward on your healing journey, release shame, and liberate your self-expression.

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