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The Angelic Realm

In the beginning, the single point of Source intelligent energy had the thought, "I wonder what it would be like to know myself?" With this thought this original Source energy fragmented. The first larger fragmentations of Source energy expressed a group consciousness of "we." There were many expressions of group consciousness, one of these we know as the Angelic Realm.

When we consider the beginnings of creation, it is important to understand that the first larger fragmentations of Source energy were in the form of various group consciousnesses. There were many different ones. A few examples would be The Blueprinters, The Founders or Seeders, the Andromedan Consciousness, the Arcturian Consciousness, and The Angelic Realm. Each group's consciousness had a particular area of focus or interest. 

The Angelic Realm can be viewed as the support system that was in place for the incarnation process. These beings served as helpers, messengers, and guides to those in physical forms. Souls with Angelic Realm soul origins are brave souls who often choose to have more dense experiences in life. These help them understand others and clear collective karma. They may also notice a few different themes in this life or in their connection to past lives. 

  • Sensitivity in self or others around the theme of victim or savior.

  • They feel like their only purpose is to provide support or fix things.

  • Themes of being in power or feeling powerless.

  • Frustration around lack of higher understanding in others.

  • Difficulty with giving too much or being taken advantage of.

It is important for these souls to identify this God-like presence within themselves and see themselves as co-creators in their reality. It is also important to balance the feeling of having a purpose with the ability to be present and live a life led by their heart and their aligned passions. 

In this life, those with Angelic Realm origins may find themselves drawn to the angels or have had encounters with them. They often have a magnetic or compassionate nature, which others feel drawn to. In the Akashic Records, these souls are frequently connected with the Golden or White color rays along with other colors. These souls have the potential to being gifted healers, channelers, and mentors in this life.

What to look for...

Do you think your soul origins may be from the Angelic Realm? To learn more, click the link below to book a Soul Origins reading. This is the most accurate way to confirm. However, you can also click the link below to get your Galactic Astrology chart. If you resonate with the information above, you could look for conjunctions or oppositions to your outer planets such as Pluto, Neptune and Uranus to Fomalhaut or the Orion Nebula in your chart. These may hint to Angelic soul origins.


Julia Balaz
The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

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