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The beings from Eridanus vary in physical appearance. They may have gray-like blue-textured skin, very dark smooth tan skin, or a pale shade of red textured skin. The Eridanus constellation is known for being the home of the Elven beings, who were often connected with Greek mythology. Upon connecting to the Akashic Records, they say while this constellation is associated with "the river," many of the stars they call home have little significance to water.

These beings described their home as, "Some of us live on land, but many of us live within high trees. The majority of our people live with few needs. Although, as on Earth, there are those that want and crave more. Most, however, see our homes as serving the purpose of shelter and places for communal gatherings. Where we live, the sky has a lavender hue. While we would not describe our planet as lush or compare it to a forest, what grows here is very intentional, and the land that is blessed with ancient trees is treasured by my people. Much of our planet, however, does not grow much due to rocky soil. We live in harmony with our land and celebrate its energy and wisdom. This is why many of us desire to live close to this source. We are not only connected to nature; we are also in regular communication with the elements of our land. We speak with one another."

If I had to summarize the energy I felt, it was like earthy elements mixed with Aquarian energy. They said they were an advanced civilization, but not in the way we know of on Earth. They showed me their city areas had tall, smooth, reflective metallic buildings and green vines that grew up them. It was not at all like we know of a city on Earth. They said their areas of importance were selected based on where things grew. This energy worked with them. When describing their culture, they also said their ships capable of space travel looked complex and not like simple shapes. This almost had a Return of the Jedi feel to it.

When I asked about their appearance, they said that the visual they were giving me was of a race that evolved from the Lyran genetic strand known as the Ahel race. They said their garments tend to be simple in neutral or green colors. They said they are tall beings, with the majority averaging 7-8 feet tall. They described themselves as clever, like a good hunter attuned to his environment. While some display mathematical precision, many can be seen as craftsmen who enjoy creating things with their hands. They said that while their people were associated with Greek Mythology, this was of little interest to them.

Their connection to the elements and their senses enhances their intuitive abilities. They are interested in ritual practices and magic. They say most of their people can be viewed as higher consciousness beings with a balanced expression of mind, body, and spirit.

Starseed Traits

Below, you will find a list of characteristics known in Eridaneans. Click the link below to receive your free Galactic Astrology chart. Notice if you have any placements to Eridanus. If you have conjunctions or opposite placements, you most likely have past lives in the Eridanus constellation. 

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Eridanean Starseeds may find themselves preferring to observe their environment and surroundings before taking action.


Due to there powerful connection to their land, Eridanean Starseeds may appreciate time in nature.


Eridaneans where ambitious when it came to advancement, however, they took calculated risks. They were not afraid to present the unusual yet innovative new idea.


Eridanean Starseeds have the potential to be clairtangent with the ability to attune to things through touch. This gift has many useful purposes.

Gifted Artist

These Starseeds may find themselves drawn to creating with their hands such as sculpting, woodwork, recycled art, and pottery.


While the Eridaneans would not describe themselves as very social, they were willing to take counteractive measures to protect their home and family.


The Eridanean beings had a powerful connection to energy. Many of them were gifted with telepathy and psychic abilities.


They had an interest in elemental magic and rituals, and it ancient crystal wisdom like that of Atlantis. In this life, you may find similar interests.


Julia Balaz

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