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Regulus is one of the four royal stars and is considered the Watcher of the North. It can be found within the Leo Constellation. This star is also connected to Archangel Raphael. This place is known as the home of the celestial fae and is also connected to other elemental beings such as elves, mermaids, and unicorns.

When I connect to the Akashic Records, these beings express that many of us speak of them simply as identifying with Leo-like characteristics, or we lump them under the healing qualities of Archangel Raphael. They express that this is a very limiting description. They show me their energy as somewhat refined, organized, wise and unlimited. There is an order to things, just as there is an innocence. 

When I asked what Regulus was like, they said, "Our home is like that of what you know as Alice in Wonderland. Consciousness here can transform, mutate, and suddenly manifest into whatever form it desires. In our home, a bird can both chirp and speak. Its method of communication is simply up to the bird's expression. Water can not only flow but take form to dance and sing."

Channeled information: "We are a community of higher understanding and unity. Over time, our people have found great comfort in the connectivity of all. Consciousness, stardust, energy, and land sing together in perfect harmony. However, do not assume it was always so. Just like your people, we too, have had to learn and evolve through time.

Our people who have chosen to visit your Earth star through reincarnation are capable of these things as well. It simply needs to be unlocked. We are gifted at manipulating matter and manifesting...the 'impossible,' yet this word is not completely aligned. For now we shall say 'manifesting beauty.' We see beauty as synchronized vibration and energy. Therefore, while some may view our home as imaginary or like a fairytale, we would argue that we simply understand our nature as beings created from Source energy. Our unity consciousness allows us to be one with this remarkable creation energy. All things moving and forming in harmony.

Many of you on earth separate yourselves from your powerful creative essence. You say, 'impossible and illusionary. ' We say this is how unity consciousness expresses itself. Connect once more to your Source. See yourself once again in unison with this energy; view yourselves as creative participants in your manifested reality.

Starseed Traits

Below, you will find a list of characteristics known in beings from Regulus. Click the link below to receive your free Galactic Astrology chart. Notice if you have any placements in Leo to the royal star Regulus. If you have conjunctions or opposite placements, you most likely have past lives here.

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The Regulus beings had a royal or noble side to them. These Starseeds have the potential to be graceful leaders.


Beings from Regulus have had a history that required courage, integrity and strength. Starseeds from Regulus inherent these qualities as well.

Very Creative

Regulus Starseeds are gifted in the arts. They may find themselves drawn to art, dance, song, and/or poetry.


The Regulus beings were accustom to what we may see as unusual expressions of reality. Therefore these Starseeds may be considered very adaptable in this life.


When connecting to the Akashic Records, they say that their people are very gifted engineers. In this life these Starseeds have the potential to share this with the world.


Childlike Wonder

Part of what the Regulus Starseed is here to share with the world is, reconnecting with our childlike wonder, and magical abilities. You are here to be the dreamer and inspire others to dream as well.


Beings from Regulus had a natural connection to matter as well as Source energy. Therefore they were natural healers. Starseeds have the potential to also share this gift in this present life time.


Many of the beings from Regulus can almost appear angelic or glowing. They are a high vibrational race. Starseeds in this life have the potential to have a powerful psychic connection to all things.


Julia Balaz

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