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The Lyrans

When we consider our galactic heritage, the Lyrans make a very early appearance. They can be regarded as one of the earliest physical incarnations of source energy. The first expressions of Lyran energy embodied the creative spark. A pioneering, adventurous spirit. They sought to explore, travel space, and colonize. 

In the beginning, after the larger fragmentations of source energy began working on the plans for the creation, planets within the Lyra constellation were chosen to start this journey of source energy experiencing itself. The original light being form began the process of becoming physical form. This process took some time until these beings could hold a 3D level of consciousness. Our "Humanoid Race" genetics go back to these original Lyran beings. As time went on in their evolution, they began to gather in groups and experience interactions between these groups. Here is where we see the polarity journey began. Over time, these first Lyrans found themselves within two very polarized expressions, ultimately leading to the creation of the beings known as the Vegans, which I will cover in another section. For now, let's focus on the first expression of these Lyran beings. As they evolved, eventually, they achieved space travel. The Lyran's adventurous spirit inspired them to explore,  become advanced in technology, and to colonize. 

Four humanoid genetic strands came from the Lyran star system. The Ahel race could be identified as fair-skinned and blond. The Noor race resembled the Ahel but was taller. The Taal race had different skin and hair colors. This race was also part of a royal government-like structure with other members representing each race. Lastly, the Laan race were humanoid beings with feline features and body hair.

Another important point to mention would be that within the Lyran Constellation, you will also find The Ring Nebula (M57). This nebula acts as an interdimensional vortex, opening the door to easy access to other destinations. Therefore, the nebula, or portal, was valued by many different beings with a variety of intentions. It was the subject of many galactic wars over who had access to and control of it. 

During these times, many wars broke out, including between the Lyrans and the Reptilians. This caused much destruction, ultimately leading to masses of Lyrans fleeing for their lives as they watched their beautiful planet destroyed. To this day, many humans still feel the trauma from this mass exodus. These Lyran beings went on to find homes in other star systems.

Starseed Traits

Below, you will find a list of characteristics known in Lyran Starseeds. Click the link below to receive your free Galactic Astrology chart. Notice if you have any placements in Lyra. If you have conjunctions or opposite placements, you most likely have past lives in the Lyra constellation. 


Lyran Starseeds may be determined, tactful, cunning, and they have the potential to be emotionally grounded.


Lyran Starseeds can be very energetic and active. They can have a bold, pioneering spirit.


These Starseeds enjoy the physical experience. They can be flirtatious, and passionate. They have a loyal heart.


Lyran Starseeds tend to be independent and set in their ways. Suppressing this causes physical + mental imbalance.

Cat Person

These Starseeds may find themselves gravitating towards felines and large cats. They may be drawn towards feline characteristics.


While active, their love for the physical experience can help ground them in the present moment. Allowing them to experience all life can offer.


People tend to recognize Lyran Starseeds as natural leaders. They also tend to be the keepers or ancient wisdom. They can be very wise.


The Lyran's have connections to both Atlantean and Egyptian spiritual concepts. These Starseeds may be drawn to crystals and magic. 


Julia Balaz
The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

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