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The Vegans

The Vegans are an ancient galactic race that was a branch of the Lyrans. While the Lyrans were the embodiment of a lot more yang energy, the Vegans found themselves drawn to another way. While the Lyrans were externally focused, the Vegans were more internally focused. This ultimately led to a significant divide between the two races.

When discussing these galactic star races, it is important to realize that it can sometimes be hard to wrap up the essence of an entire planet in one individual description. While some races this is possible, the Vegans, however, came from the Lyrans, which had four different genetic strands. Therefore, they can have different physical features. The visual representation on this page, my guides have said, is an expression of the Lyran Taal race, which, over time, many became known as Vegan. This particular being was very descriptive of the appearance of their people, with significance to tan colored skin and purple eyes with ancient markings that were important to their people. They had rich, vibrant red and brown hair. 

Also, it can be helpful to keep in mind that my goal is to speak more about their history. This best serves to understand our past lives. That said, just like us, when we evolve and learn, what once was a great challenge is often what we share now. Therefore, in your Galactic Astrology chart, any Sextile placements to Lyra and the star Vega will note where these beings are helping you this life with some of the same challenges they once had.

As mentioned above, the Vegans were a very ancient race that split off from the Lyrans and began a civilization on the star Vega. While the Lyrans were externally focused, the Vegans desired a different path that had more of an internal focus. Therefore, they leaned toward a more yin expression. This resulted in the first divide of polarity. As time passed, war and conflict arose between the Lyran and Vegan beings, each set in their ways of extreme polar opposites.

Understanding the Vegans teaches us many lessons that are very important to our human history. While the Vegans still have some Lyrans traits, during this early history, the Vegans could be seen as very spiritual beings. They saw this as the only path back to the Source. They desired to be more disciplined, and over time, their perspective evolved to think that if they could somehow detach themselves from their emotional expressions, this would result in a closer connection to Source. Similar to what we know of today as spiritual bypassing. They grew in technology advancements and extended civilizations beyond the star of Vega.

Eventually, the Vegans experienced an imbalance, focusing more and more of their energy on achieving inner perfection and disciplined spiritual practice. With this came a fixed and stubborn perspective of how society should appear. They began to experiment with genetic manipulation to achieve more perfect results. As they did, they found themselves drawn more to technical advances. Over time, they noticed their race became sterile with an inability to reproduce. Their species was on the brink of extinction. Their planet became increasingly toxic from the technical advancements, forcing many Vegans to move underground. 

Over time, their bodies began to evolve and change from this new underground environment. Their skin began to lose its color, their hair fell away, and their eyes adapted to the darker environment by becoming larger and darker. This was the birth of a new species that became known as the Zeta Reticuli, which many know as The Grays.

CHANNELED INFORMATION: When connecting to the Akashic Records and tuning into their energy, I noticed they felt it was important to understand that while they had yin-like traits, they still possessed different expressions as extensions of the Lyran family. They showed themselves as having a lot of earth element mixed with the air element. There was almost an Aquarian feel connected to their earthy aspects. While they advanced in technology, the visuals they shared had almost a natural, simplistic, primitive expression. Their people felt to me like a mix between Buddha and Star Wars. The landscape was colorful with warm hues like Arizona with bodies of water, and limited greenery.

Starseed Traits

Below, you will find a list of characteristics known in Vegan Starseeds. Click the link below to receive your free Galactic Astrology chart. Notice if you have any placements in Lyra specifically to the star Vega. If you have conjunctions or opposite placements, you most likely have past lives as a Vegan being.

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The Vegans original aligned state of being was very attuned to Source energy. They were gifted energy healers.


Vegan Starseeds are creative and very talented. They may enjoy creativity with a more mathematical side to it. They enjoy music and sound.


Vegan Starseeds may feel either very emotionally attuned, or may have difficulties with repressing emotions to appear collected.

Fixed View

Like Taurus, these Starseeds may feel set in their ways. The Vegans had set perspectives. This was hard to alter.


The Vegans felt removing emotion would help their lack of consistency. This caused imbalance. These Starseeds may feel this theme in their present life.


Due to their spiritual practices, the Vegans knew the importance of having time for self reflection. They at times may have appeared to be reclusive or hermit like.

Self Mastery

Vegan Starseeds in this life may feel a pull towards perfection and self mastery. Remember this is a gift, as long as it is in balance.


The Vegans know how to connect with Source. They had psychic abilities and enjoyed working with crystals and elemental energies.

Channeled Visuals

The below images were inspired by my connections to the Vegans through the Akashic Records.

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Julia Balaz
The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

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