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Reading Options


Mini Reading

If you are new to Human Design and not interested in a Zoom meeting, this reading is for you! This allows you to have a bite-sized taste of what Human Design is all about. Includes a 30-minute audio reading of your chart. Information on the basics of Human Design, your energy type, strategy, and authority will be covered. I will record your audio during your appointment time. This will be emailed within 48 hours of your appointment. Pricing is listed in USD.


Introduction Reading

Introduction to Human Design Readings are done via Zoom and would include more information than my Mini reading.  This would include a 60-minute chart reading which would consist of information on the basics of Human Design, as well as your energy type, strategy, authority, energy centers, and profile.  This reading format will allow you to ask questions if desired and will include an audio recording afterward to refer back to. Pricing is listed in USD.


Deep Dive Reading

This reading includes a 90-minute Zoom reading where we dive deep into the gates, astrology influences, incarnation cross, Gene Keys reflections, and more.  It also offers insight into your career and your highest potential.  During this reading, you can ask questions, and I can help problem-solve areas of concern related to your profession or general guidance.  My specialties include balance, confidence, mindset, dealing with anxiety, and self-worth.  An audio recording will be provided to refer back to. Pricing is listed in USD.

Looking for instant information?

If you're unsure where to start or not ready to jump into a reading, I also offer downloadable written reports. Simply click the button below to pull your chart. Once your chart is pulled, you can take advantage of one of my written Human Design Report options.

Discover how awesome you are!


“The reading I had with Cassandra was fantastic, I cannot recommend her more highly. This is an amazing process and journey to learn about probably the most important thing in your life, which is knowing yourself. Cassandra has a wonderful gift that will open your eyes to that. The biggest thing I discovered when I had my reading was how many parts of myself that I wasn't aware were really active in me. It awakened me to realize that sometimes I live my life not as who I really am, but how people and society want me to be, or how I've been conditioned. This gives me the freedom to really look at myself and see who I am and how I can be more me. Cassandra's reading was so eye-opening and far-reaching. Now I can look at my chart and find things that I see coming into play and it's exciting, enjoyable and fun. The Human Design journey is so important and it really starts when you have your reading - Cassandra is a wonderful and talented guide to set you on your path in the best possible way.”

- Fabricio

"Having had very little information on what a human design reading would consist of, Cassandra did such an amazing job explaining the different sciences that compose the study of human design and how each area relates to my everyday life. After the reading I was shocked at how accurate her reading was. To come in front of someone you have never met and have them dismantle who you are from top to bottom can be off centering, but for me it provided so much clarity and hope. Her tips on how to navigate my centers to live my best and happiest life really spoke to me. I wholeheartedly intend to use her advice to continue to fill my cup with the things that only bring me Joy. I 100% recommend having a human design reading done so you too can learn about your true self."


I can't wait to talk more!

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