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What is Galactic Astrology?

What if you discovered you are so much more than you know now? What if I told you your soul has been on many adventures, and that by understanding these past lives, it would offer clarity and healing to your present day experiences?

So what is Galactic Astrology? A simple definition would be it is a modality that unlocks rich layers of your soul's journey by exploring the fixed star placements in your natal astrology chart.

Let's start from the beginning

In the beginning...well, this isn't exactly the easiest story ever told, and there is a vast sea of perspectives to consider when discussing the creation story. The most important thing I wish to note is that it's up to each and every one of us to explore what feels right to us. My story goes that I wasn't looking to dive down the ET rabbit hole. Growing up in a religiously abusive home, we were taught that the dinosaurs were a deception, so needless to say, I didn't have the liberty to entertain whether or not we are or are not "alone." A spontaneous awakening and a persistent universe that seemed to constantly bring me Dolores Cannon material had other plans. So here I am. 


I find complicated matters are best approached with curiosity until you find your personal truth. Let me tell you more. 

Everything is energy, and everything is connected. We can see how science and spirituality grow even closer when we look at Quantum Physics. So here we are in the beginning; we can call this universal energy, Source, God, or whatever word feels right. I will call it Source Intelligence. This Source Intelligence had the thought, I wonder what it would be like to "Know Thyself?" With the creative power of that thought began the fragmentation of this Source Intelligence. The first larger fragmentations of this energy operated more like a group consciousness, such as "we" before we fragmented down to "I."

These first larger fragmentations had various expressions, such as the Founders/Seeders, Blueprinters, and Archangels. Also, Andromedan Consciousness and Arcturian Consciousness. These fragmentations of group consciousness all helped in what we now know as this polarity game designed to help us remember ourselves as connected to Source Intelligence and not separate.

As this journey continued to play out, we fragmented into smaller and smaller pieces until we found ourselves as "I," creating a disco ball of tiny pieces, all arranged slightly off from one another, experiencing different perspectives and journeys. In other words, we are all made from the same stardust, and life began far beyond this Earth classroom.

How Galactic Astrology has helped others 

"My reading with Cassandra absolutely blew me away, everything she shared was spot on and was so relevant to exactly what I'm going through in my life right now. She was able to pinpoint specific details and messages with incredible clarity, offering me a new perspective on myself and my soul, my purpose, my gifts, my galactic incarnations, and the next stage of my journey. I had goosebumps frequently throughout the reading and really felt that everything she shared was true for me and my soul. I will definitely be back for more readings because there are so many things that I want to explore, and I can't wait to refer her to others who would benefit from her work and her clear channeling! Thanks Cassandra!"


"I had no expectations prior to my reading. Cassandra was very receptive in taking my questions throughout the reading. She explained in detail the answers to my questions. At the end of the reading, I definitely had a sense of calmness and a little more understanding. Going through my lives, I felt Cassandra asked all the right questions. Given the three topics and questions, I gave her prior to my reading. I received a recording and extra material. Something to dive into, and I'm looking forward to learning more. I felt the notes taken, and the paperwork given shows that Cassandra is very passionate about this. It was wonderful to work with a trusted and passionate source." 


In the Galactic Reading, Cassandra combined the detailed astrological information, with her intuition and channeling. She told the details of my Galactic past lives in a story form. Cassandra communicated difficult situations in such a way that I felt compassion for myself, and I did not go into judgment of myself as failing. She reminded me of the value of mind shifts and my ability to do that for myself. There were many instances during the reading that Cassandra’s words resonated very strongly with me. Cassandra helped me see my path as trusting in moment to moment. I felt deeply seen and validated by this experience.


Soul Reading Services

Galactic Resources

Learn more about the many different galactic races, Source fragmentations, and Collectives.

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