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You may not know this, but my self-discovery journey started with astrology. While I love Human Design, I devote just as much time to astrology. That said, I noticed a challenge. People tend to get easily overwhelmed by the many layers of Astrology. They often give up before they can uncover its juicy layers of life-changing information.


I have spent much time and money on books, podcasts, and courses, and now I want to share this information with you. I designed this guide specifically for the newcomer in mind. I believe part of the reason so many of us get lost is because there are just too many details. I have realized that many of these details are irrelevant in the beginning! I say, get the meat of the subject first, see if you fall in love with it, and then all the extra complicated stuff will feel less difficult.


I designed this guide to be practical and easy to digest. Much of it is designed in easy-to-read information graphs and diagrams. These are helpful tools that can be printed and referred back to. This guide WILL teach you how to personally read your chart. I provide easy-to-absorb examples that walk you through step by step. Once you understand the signs, houses, and planets, you will receive personal insights in no time.


This 21-page guide includes the following:


  • My favorite spots to pull your astrology chart.
  • How to read the zodiac wheel.
  • The symbols and descriptions of the twelve zodiac signs
  • An easy-to-understand comprehensive walkthrough of the twelve houses.
  • Covering your sun, moon, and rising.
  • Characteristics/themes of the planets.
  • Aspects overview including square, trine, conjunction, sextile, and opposition.
  • Understanding how to read your chart placements by considering the placements of the planet, sign, and house.
  • An easy-to-digest chart walkthrough example.
  • Reading your chart by considering the aspects.
  • Overview example of a more complex reading considering the placements of the planet, sign, house, and aspect.
  • Helpful blank chart study pages to apply the steps.


Pricing is listed in USD.

Introduction to Astrology Guidebook

$10.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price


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