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So you know your Human Design energy type, strategy, and authority. Now it's time to explore your profile! Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, called the profiles "The costume of your purpose." Your profile provided powerful awareness into how you view yourself and how others view you.


If you are familiar with the concept of the profiles, I can say that this guidebook is so much more than simply listing the twelve profiles with a few characteristics. I believe that in order to understand the profiles, we must first know a little about the I Ching as well as understand the six different lines of the I Ching. This information is intricately woven into the twelve profiles. I have packed lots of information in this guidebook that is practical and easy to digest. 


The information covered in this 30-page guide.


  • What is the I Ching
  • What are the six lines of the I Ching
  • The characteristics of each line of the I Ching.
  • An explanation of the "House Metaphor."
  • Where to find the lines in your chart.
  • How to find your profile in your chart.
  • What it means to have a Personal, Transpersonal, or Fixed Fate profile.
  • List of the twelve profiles.
  • Gifts and challenges for each of the twelve profiles.


Pricing is listed in USD.

The Twelve Profiles Guidebook

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$7.50Sale Price


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