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The Blueprinters

In the beginning, the single point of Source intelligent energy had the thought, "I wonder what it would be like to know myself?" With this thought this original Source energy fragmented. The first larger fragmentations of Source energy expressed a group consciousness of "we." There were many expressions of group consciousness, one of these identified as The Blueprinters.

When I connect to the Akashic Records, what I am being shown is that these first original larger fragmentations of Source energy were very much involved in laying out the incarnation plan. Perhaps some may consider this the expression of the "Matrix." Each group's consciousness had a particular interest or purpose in the plan. The Blueprinter consciousness was mostly involved with the more systematic or energetic placeholders that would allow for the incarnation process. If you think of playing a game, you must have a general concept. You also need a game board and perhaps other pieces. There would need to be some structure or language that helps you understand how to play the game. You would also want it compelling enough that people would want to play.

These mentioned beginning structures and ideas were where The Blueprinters energy came into play. Today, souls with Blueprinter connections may find themselves gifted in areas such as understanding systems and cosmic laws, interest in Quantum subjects, and an ability to understand Archetypal energy easily. They may also be interested in various areas of energy such as earth ley lines, energetic portals or vortexes, and energy clearing. You may feel drawn to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Some may also identify as being empaths, or feel passionate about spirituality, and the balance of the head and heart.

While we all experience a veil of forgetting and have souls who have many past lives involving a variety of different star races that offer assistance and influence this present life, generally speaking, once awakened, Blueprinters tend to have a close connection to source energy, which assists them in connecting to the collective consciousness and the Akashic Records. They may be gifted intuitives and channelers.

When we consider the physical attributes of The Blueprinters, it is important to understand that we are talking about an early energetic form before there was an incarnation process. Therefore, these were closest to the form of a light being. Also, technically speaking, since they were a creation of the early fragmentation of Source, there was no physical incarnation where they originated from a star; therefore, the term Starseed would not apply. If you are connected to The Blueprinters, this would be from the place of origins on a soul level. I can say, from personal experience as my soul origins are The Blueprinters, they often appear to me as light beings in a ancient looking robe with gold accents.

The Blueprinters are one of the few energy types that identify as having subcategories that they may identify as. There are five in total. However, when I connect to the Akashic Records, they say that these sorts of identifications are becoming less relevant over time.

This is what was expressed regarding the subject of subcategories:
"These are human words in an attempt to categorize our various energetic expressions. Each Blueprinter soul may have once identified as an energetic type of archetype related to each of these words: Originator, Designer, Technician, Deliverer, and Changer."

I have included some channeled information about each of these subcategories below.

What to look for...

There are ways to find affirming information in your Galactic Astrology chart if your soul origins are from The Blueprinters. Often I find that Archangel Michael works with Blueprinter souls. They may also have an indigo or blue ray. Furthermore, having many placements or portals in your Galactic Astrology chart can be a sign of an old soul that may have originated in these first larger fragmentations of Source. To learn more and to discover your own soul origins, click the link below to book a reading.

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These energies held a "position", although they say this word is not completely aligned, but will work. They held a "position" of greater relevance to the original blueprint or "plan." These energy's were best aligned to that of those who oversaw the project and it's process. They helped with the initial incarnation plan. They held positions of leadership or authority over the plan.

In this life, Originators may be gifted with coming up with ideas, they may be creative problem solvers, and good project managers.


Those who identified as Designers took the base structure and gave it "more life." They were skilled at looking at the plan through various "eyes" considering it's effectiveness. They considered the pull towards the enjoyment of the "plan." Asking questions such as, "Who will want to play the 'game' and why?" You may imagine them as the product samplers and taste testers.

In this life, Designers may be empaths, have concerns for balance, may be gifted at making things visually or verbally appealing.


The Technicians took the information gathered by the Originators and Designers and made it functional and operational according to the cosmic laws. They put the boundaries and structures in place to "hold" the "plan." They could be viewed as the system operators and technical support.

In this life, Technicians may have a strong intuitive connection and they may easily understand cosmic laws. They may enjoy knowing what is expected of them. They have the potential for being gifted at organizing information.


Deliverers had the responsibility of putting things into place. Much of this creation process took place before a physical being could fully experience the "creation." The Deliverers where the energies who pulled everything together to make sure there were no missing "parts" in the plan. Their energy could be seen as having a quality control element to it.

In this life, Deliverers may be gifted with adaptability, an eye for detail, empathy, and they may feel like the glue that holds things together.


The Changers were like the "understudies," although they say this is not the correct energetics in the word, but will work. They were as "understudies" to all of the energy expression spoken of. They were the communicators as well to other group Source Consciousnesses. You could say they were similar to the spokesperson or salesman for the "plan" or project.

In this life, Changers are gifted communicators, have an ability to articulate and express concepts, and they may have magnetic personalities.


Julia Balaz
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