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What is Human Design?

The formal definition would be, Human Design is the synthesis of modern and ancient science, such as the Chinese I Ching, Astrology, Hindu Chakras, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, along with modern science, such as Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry. This synthesis creates a body graph which allows you to experiment with your evolving consciousness and nature. What does that actually mean, though? Your Human Design chart has layers and layers of information encoded in it that teaches us how to embrace the gifts and talents we have to share. 


What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are a deeper look into the "gates" as seen in Human Design based on the I'Ching. They are a powerful transmission of information with many layers and are hard to summarize in a short paragraph. A simple explanation might say they contain information that helps you explore the various states of human consciousness. In the Gene Keys, each key includes a shadow, a gift, and a siddhi. These can be viewed as a lower shadow expression, a higher gift frequency, and the siddhi would represent the highest potential. The Gene Keys are abundant with transformative information. The Gene Keys are an invitation to awaken your Higher Purpose, to rest deeply into the codes of your DNA, and to balance yourself once more with life itself.

While I am a certified Human Design reader and certified Gene Keys guide, I am neither a licensed psychiatrist nor a health care professional. I am a guide and a fellow traveler on this journey through life. 

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How Human Design and Gene Keys have transformed my life.

In my life, Human Design has shown me I no longer need to feel "lesser" because my path is not linear like society says it "should" be. My journey is designed to take me many places where I gather many skills. Human Design has also taught me that my identity will be one area I will be challenged in. When I am not aligned, I may struggle to know who I authentically am. Also, I am designed to be many things to many people, and with this, I can relate deeply to others. It has shown me how I have expansive energy and drive that might surpass where others wish to go. While there are SO MANY things it's shown me, more than anything, it's helped me reclaim my power. My purpose. My gifts.

Not only am I a certified Gene Keys Guide, but I have personally taken the complete Golden Path offered by Richard Rudd. I have also completed his course The Art of Contemplation, The Seven Sacred Seals, and The Dream Arc. These profound contemplative works require a willingness to dive into intimate terrains of the subconscious. In my personal life, most of my transformation has come through the work of the Gene Keys, especially the Venus Sequence. This journey has given me powerful insights into my wounding as a child and guided me along healing my relationships. 

“Cassandra’s energy and enthusiasm are such gifts. She was able to offer me valuable points relating to my current issues around entrepreneurship: marketing, sales and so on by looking at both my human design and gene keys. I left the meeting inspired and feeling validated. Thank you!”

- Mikaela

“I loved my human design reading with Cassandra. I initially reached out to her because I felt disconnected from myself. During our session I felt very comfortable and safe in her presence. Her spirit and knowledge and the way she explained Human Design and my profile type was easy to digest. She gave me great insight and inspiration that I was able to use immediately to feel the shift that I needed. I highly recommend her and will be booking my next session soon.”

- Shannan

"I loved my reading with Cassandra - she has a way of putting my entire chart and purpose into very simple language where it was easy for me to digest and she also gave me action steps as a way for me to take responsibility and own more of who I am.  I loved her approach and would highly recommend receiving a reading from her to anyone looking to deepen their awareness within themselves!"

- Erin

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