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Unavoidable and Totally Basic Shadows


It all started in the shower with tears running down my cheeks. A reminder to myself to relax and to surrender filled my thoughts. The theme word of my whole life seemed to be… surrender. Every day I was learning to slow down and surrender. As I stood crying in the shower, the words suddenly came to me for my book—Unavoidable and Totally Basic Shadows. I laughed as it invoked humor and tears. The perfect summary of emotions for the unusual events I had gone through up until that moment.


For thirty-nine years, I fumbled through my life. Fighting for security, to feel worthy, to feel successful in the only way I knew how. I felt broken, lost, and like I couldn’t do life right. I felt like someone to be tolerated in my environment and only seemed to cause destruction wherever I went. At least, that is how I saw myself...

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