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Let's connect + Collaborate

Intimate Gatherings

I love hosting a variety of events! Some of my favorite gatherings include tea parties, floral design classes, jewelry making, and handcrafted self-care products like bath salts and soaps. I also enjoy projects involving embroidery. No matter what I am hosting, I aim to have a supportive environment that encourages empowerment, self-love, and liberation for your inner creative self. 


I pride myself on being able to cultivate events that are visually aspiring while simultaneously warming the heart. I love working with other creatives, local businesses and friends. Let's talk more about how we can work together!

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Reflection Circles

I have found so much healing in my life through the art of contemplation. As a trained intuitive, certified Human Design reader, and Gene Keys Guide, I enjoy hosting reflection circles that cultivate a supportive environment for self-reflection. Some of my favorite circles are hosted on the new or full moon. During these circles, we reflect on the collective energy through astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys.


If you are interested in having me host a reflection circle at your private residence or place of business, please reach out for more information.

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao has been used in ceremonies going back to the Mayan civilization. The effects of experiencing cacao can include the potential to experience a deeper connection in meditation, a strong feeling of groundedness, and a beautiful opening of the heart Chakra. I enjoy holding space and sharing this sacred plant medicine. ⁠Those experiencing it leave feeling greater clarity and connection.


As mentioned above, cacao has the potential to open the third eye. One of the gifts I enjoy sharing is that of guided meditation. If you are interested in having me host a cacao ceremony and guided meditation at your place of business or personal residence, please reach out to learn more about cacao and how we can collaborate.


Weekend Retreats

I have found that one of the most magical ways to grow is through honest and vulnerable connection. A great way to do this is through retreats and weekend getaways. Over the years, I have hosted several retreats, all with the goals of connection, support, empowerment, and letting your hair down a little. Each retreat is uniquely themed with a specific purpose. Afterwards, my attendees have left feeling empowered, and closer to others.


If you have a retreat in mind and are looking for a speaker, teacher or intuitive to collaborate with, I would love to hear more! Please reach out with more details on your vision and how I can help.


Click below to find out more regarding upcoming virtual or in-person events.

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